Best Frozen Yogurt in Chapel Hill? YOPO (Yogurt Pump) takes the cake!

Ever have a long day of classes?

All you want is some delicious ice cream or better yet, frozen yogurt?
Well, you are in luck because Chapel Hill has one of my favorite little spots! With its service being incredible and its ever changing Froyo flavors this is definitely a place I would not miss after a long day at the library/gym or after a cute date on Franklin

Personally my favorite flavors are the sobers and every week they have a new flavor.

Best flavors so far? Anything berry –

*Blackberry Cheesecake


*Blackberry (all time favorite)

*Blueberry Cheesecake


After you select your flavor it is all about toppings – ones you should not miss? The berry fruits! (I think you are seeing a trend here)



*COOKIE DOUGH (yes, I put double)


So go out and enjoy some fat free lovin’

If you want something with a bit more fatty, try the pistachio. It is divine!!


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