Best Late Night

Since Easter has just passed, the next big holiday at least for us UNCers is what we call LDOC (Last day of classes). Being a Senior (tear, tear), it is time to get in our final grades and celebrate our last few weeks in college. With graduation looming in, our time is limited, primarily our bar nights. And what does every college student do after a night on the town – eat, eat, eat.

These are the places to go after a late night on the Hill:

Old Chicago: a new, hot spot, OC (as I like to call it) has $2 pizzas from 10 PM until 2 AM. Now that I call a deal

Qdoba: a classic favorite, Qdoba is on Franklin St. and easily a walk from any bar. Late night tip would be the queso and chips (you can never go wrong)

Toppers: feel like ordering in? Toppers understands. With its top seller being Bacon chocolate toppers, sounds weird? Trust me it is everything you could ever hope for at 2 AM – chocolate, bacon, and CARBS

Time Out: I remember when I was a freshman. A younger spot because it is directly in front of Granville. But be sure to stop by before graduation for old times sakes. Recommendation: Breakfast food or Nothing

Jimmy Johns: at any time in the day you can never go wrong with a JJ sub. Plus super fast delivery for those who just cannot wait

BUNS: late night burgers and fries? BUNS knows how to do it at any hour of the day. Do not miss out on their unique dipping sauces.

Insomnia Cookies: if you are craving something a little sweeter, fear not, these cookies have got your back. Be sure to order the chocolate chip as they melt in your mouth in one bite.

If you just finished a crazy night in Chapel Hill or have been cramming in the library for hours, Chapel Hill has late night places that will satisfy any of your desires usually closing around 2 to 3 AM.


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