pimento cheese

A Taste of Chapel Hill History – Merritt’s

Home of the world famous BLT, Merritt’s is a quaint little mark of Chapel Hill history that opened in 1929.


“During the 49 years Merritt ran the store, Merritt’s became more than a gas station. Students and veterans came for the social atmosphere. Law students sat around Merritt’s pot-bellied stove, on a bench Merritt nicknamed the “liar’s bench” (Laura Oleniacz, MyNC).

Loving this place and calling it a second home, I try to go here as much as possible.

MUST GET – BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato)


Now some additions and combinations

Personal favorite: Double BLT and avocado

Local’s favorite: Double BLT, avocado, and pimento cheese

Mix it up: Double BLT/Regular BLT, avocado, and chicken salad

Everything: Double BLT/Regular BLT, avocado, chicken salad, and pimento cheese



Just make sure you eat here before you graduate, and you come back as an alumni.